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Aviation Drum Fill System

Drum Filling System 

Our aviation fuel drum filling system is designed for fast, easy filling of drums and other containers with aviation fuel. Pre-settable volumes allow faster, safer filling with less chance of overflow and ease-of-use for operators. Designed and made by us in Tamworth, Australia.
  • System allows repeatable, accurate filling of drums or other containers to NMI standards from larger storage tanks.
  • Pre-settable filling volumes for faster turnaround, ease of use, and lower risk of overflow and waste.
  • Certified to National Measurement Institute standards for resale of fuel.
  • All materials in flow path suitable for aviation fuels
  • Suction strainer with 80# stainless steel basket.
  • Built-in forklift pockets for easy handling.
  • Fill-Rite AusEx-approved pump.
  • 240V AC power system.
  • Complete system, ready to use.
Other and larger systems can be built to order – contact us if you need a custom solution. 

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