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ZVA ZVF25 25mm aviation nozzle

ZVA ZVF25 25mm aviation nozzle
ZVA ZVF25 25mm aviation nozzle
SKU: 041425
25mm ZVA Aviation Nozzle
Price: $549.00 + $54.90 GST
Total: $603.90
Product Details

Fully-featured overwing 25mm aviation refuelling nozzle for avgas, mogas, and Jet A-1. 

This slimline nozzle is ideal for smaller, compact fuelling setups like small trailers and DC pumps, but can easily handle the higher flows from engine-driven pumpsets. The nozzle body is made from cast aluminium, with handguard and lever made of conductive polyamide for full static continuity.

All internal parts are made from aluminium, stainless steel, or acetal resin to maintain fuel integrity. Threaded spout attachment easily screws off to access the #100 mesh conical strainer, making this nozzle conform to EI 1583 7th Edition.

Includes a captive dustcap and static clip. Nozzle is repairable, with a full range of spares available.

* 25mm (1") BSP threaded input.

* 25mm (1") nozzle. 

* Maximum operating pressure: 3.5bar (50PSI).

* Maximum flowrate: 140LPM.

* Weight: 1.3kg.