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Tank 1000 litre Onground ULP

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Tank 1000 litre Onground ULP
Tank 1000 litre Onground ULP
Product Details

Tank 1000 litre Onground ULP

1000 litre capacity onground tank.  
These onground tanks have been built to address current OHS requirements and are constructed to comply with AS1692 Tanks for flammable and combustible liquids, AS1940 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.
Standard fittings include:

Vent pipe is elevated to be required minimum of 4m from ground level and is fitted with a P&V vent to minimise evaporation of fuel.


  • 50mm fill/dip tube,
  • 50mm socket for pump, 25mm vent
  • Calibrated dipstick.
  • Painted white with product signs.
  • Drain plug.
  • 50mm bottom outlet with plug
  • A wide range of optional pumping and other accessories available.