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Piusi Management Software & Keys kit
Piusi Management Software & Keys kit
SKU: 053314
Management software and keys for Piusi Fuel Management Systems
Price: $949.00 + $94.90 GST
Total: $1,043.90
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Piusi Management Software & Keys Kit

Inlcudes Software on CD, 10 x user keys, 1 x Master key

Software can be used with all Piusi products equipped with PC data interfaces
(Cube MC, SelfService MC and FM, MC-BOX).
The software system allows transfer of data from the pump console top your PC for
recording and production of spreadsheets for analysis and print out.
Data can be sent direct to a PC via cable (see PC interface) or via an electronic
key with memory and a key reader for connecting to PC (see Kit Key).

Manager Key - reserved for owner use supplied with memory for data exportation.
The dispenser is configured with English messages at the factory.