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Piusi MCBOX 2.0 LAN Management System
Piusi MCBOX 2.0 LAN Management System
Piusi MCBOX 2.0 LAN Management System
Piusi MCBOX 2.0 LAN Management System
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Product Details
MC BOX 2.0 with LAN
MC BOX 2.0 is designed for owners of non-commercial diesel fuel distribution plants. However, it is not equipped with the facility to monitor users and fuel dispensing. The device consists of an electronic panel to which the system pump can be connected, an electronic flow meter, a nozzle contact and an external printer.
MC BOX 2.0 also offers the ability to monitor tank fuel level by incorporating the OCIO 2.0
MC BOX 2.0 is equipped with a dual display, keypad and i-button key reader.
Two-way dialogue is possible with a PC via the standard LAN connection, which not only makes it able to receive data but also lets you change the configuration from a remote location, conveniently and accurately.
The device is available in a LAN or WiFi version to meet consumer needs. Both versions can be used with the Self Service management 2.0 software.
The MC BOX 2.0 dashboard allows:
• Access control
• Pump start
• Pre-selection
• Management of a Pulser flow meter,
• Management of an external level switch to turn the pump off in low level conditions,
• Management of microswitch connected to nozzle holder,
• External printer connection. Optional equipment:
• Magnetic keys (yellow i-button) for user recognition
• Magnetic keys (blue i-button) for vehicle recognition.
• OCIO 2.0 level indicator for constant monitoring of tank levels.
  Pulse output flow meter required