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Gammon Skyhawk 1500 Nozzle
Gammon Skyhawk 1500 Nozzle
SKU: 043051
Gammon Skyhawk Aviation refuelling nozzle
Price: $1,795.00 + $179.50 GST
Total: $1,974.50
Product Details
The Gammon Skyhawk is a high-flow aviation fuelling nozzle, made in the USA. 

The nozzle body is machined from solid aluminium billet - no castings - for strength, durability, and lightness. The hand grip is made from polyurethane which extends out and around the nozzle to form integrated drag bumpers, and scuff protection for aircraft. Full static continuity throughout.

The balanced dual-poppet valve makes for easy activation, with adjustable closing speed. All seals easily replaceable. No plastic used in flowpath, no carbon steel or red metal used - all screws are 300 series stainless steel. Comes with a single-plane 38mm swivel at the inlet.

* Inlet size: 38mm (1.5") NPT or BSP threads.

* Oval spout (Jet A-1) size available: 38mm.

* Round spout (Avgas) sizes available: 38mm, 32mm, 25mm. 

* Max flow rate: 380LPM.

* Weight: 2.4kg.

* Max operating pressure: 150PSI.