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Alarm - Overfill/Low level/Bund

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Alarm - Overfill/Low level/Bund
Alarm - Overfill/Low level/Bund
Product Details
Mains Overfill/Bund alarm SWS1014

The Mains Operated Multi-Compartment Fuel Tank Alarm has three functions; to detect and warn of a tank overfill, a high/low liquid level and a bund leak. If this overfill and bund alarm identifies any of these problems, the zone in question will illuminate on the alarm’s screen, combined with a 90db sounder and flashing orange strobe, thus providing a formidable warning of a problem with the tank.Each zone can be configured in any of the three states High, Low or Bund, allowing these fuel tank alarms to be customised by the installer with a very simple set of electrical jumpers.

An option is available complete with three relays, to allow external equipment to be connected to each zone of the alarm such as building management or alarm systems. This overfill and bund alarm also has the additional feature of controlling the pump from the relays (if fitted). When the tank contents are 'low', the pump switches on and stays on until 'high' is reached.

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