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2400L ULP On-Ground Tank

SKU: 123115
On-Ground 2400L ULP tank
Price: $5,195.00 + $519.50 GST
Total: $5,714.50
2400l ULP on-ground tank
2400L ULP On-Ground Tank
Product Details
On-ground ULP storage tank, designed and built by AFSE in Tamworth, Australia. 

Made from rolled carbon steel, with two-pack epoxy outer coating to guard against corrosion, this tank comes with a vent pipe, static lead and clip, and complete signage for safe storage and dispensing of unleaded petrol. 

Pressure & vacuum vent 4m above ground on vent pipe extension, with guy lines. Lift eyes for stable empty lifting.

Fully-welded and painted steel feet and tank cradle from stability.

For ULP for ground engine use only. Not for use with fuels for aviation. 

* Total volume: 2400L
* Safe Fill Level: 2300L
* 40mm NB bottom suction port.
* 50mm top suction port.
* 50mm fill/dip tube.
* Dimensions: 1800mm long x 1306mm nominal diameter.